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Xinlutong (Tianjin) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., with the support of relevant government departments at all levels, under the care of all colleagues in the industry, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company is small to large, weak to strong. Have been through ten spring and autumn! From the beginning of the establishment of a single business, it has gradually developed into a comprehensive company integrating biological feed research and development, feed production, breeding pig breeding, feed raw material sales and import and export trade.
Ten years passed, and the fingers pointed. Unknowingly, Xinlutong people have been with the company for ten years, experienced the company's development process, not only experienced the hardships in the company's development process, but also shared the joy after the difficult problem.
Looking back at the development of the company for ten years, we have gone through a difficult and tortuous path that is constantly moving forward. With strong tenacity and firm conviction, Xinlutong people have been down-to-earth and determined to make progress, step by step and progress steadily, and achieved remarkable results. The trade sector has gradually developed into a domestic and international import and export trade from the original single domestic trade; the aquaculture sector has also developed into an important breeding pig production base in North China; the feed manufacturing sector has also developed into a collection of livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed development and manufacturing. As one of the technology feed enterprises. In the past ten years, the strength of the company has been further enhanced, the market competitiveness has gradually improved, and the pace of the company's development has become more and more solid. Xinlutong people always maintain high morale and full confidence in the future. Continuously integrate various effective social resources inside and outside the enterprise, closely focus on the theme of science and technology innovation, work together with partners, and jointly make big industry cakes, while contributing to the benefits of society, it also realizes the growth and personal value of the company!
The frost is full of blood, and it is sprinkled on Qianfeng Akiha. The results belong to the past and hope to be sent to the future. We firmly believe that in the future journey, there will be difficulties and twists and turns, but Xinlutong people will join hands with industry partners to build consensus and work hard to further strengthen the strength and create a more brilliant future for Xinlutong. !


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